The Laser Cueing Module Helps Prevent Freezing for Parkinsons's Disease Patients

Laser Cueing Module from In-Step Mobility

If you suffer from freezing episodes, In-Step has a solution: the Laser Cueing Module, an exclusive optional feature of the U-Step 2. Simply press the red button, and the device projects a bright red laser line on the floor, effectively guiding every step you take. It is amazing! Our laser offers an entirely safe, obstacle-free, visual cue that helps you break the “freezing episode” and walk normally with increased stride length.

The version pictured above also provides an audio beep to assist with walking, with 15 speeds ranging from 59 to 130 beats per minute.

Two AA batteries (included) power the module for 20 hours of use.

Read an article about the technology.

View the Cueing Module User Guide Effective November 2014 pdf (90kb)

View the prior Cueing Module User Guide pdf (500kb)